How it Started

When I knew I was getting divorced, I started thinking about ways I could increase my income.  I’m a smart person, but I’d been teaching yoga and raising kids and taking care of a home and dog and all kinds of things that require many admirable qualities, and none of them particularly good for a job resume.  Also, since I became a massage therapist at 25, I’d been self-employed and I wasn?t too excited about the prospect of changing that. So, back to thinking. 

I was on a short personal retreat, just me, reading Yoga Journal magazine, and saw an ad to become certified as a celebrant.  I loved this idea!  It’s something I could do to help people arrange unique weddings, funerals, coming of age ceremonies. I love ceremonies and rituals and creating and getting personal and hearing stories, sharing stories. So, I enrolled in an 8-month program to become certified, which I completed.  I also had to become an ordained minister as part of the process (Colorado laws).  Bet you didn’t know I’m a minister?  (You, too, can acquire this title for very little time and money 🙂 ).   

Then I realized that maybe a newly divorced woman is not actually the best person to be talking to young, hopeful couples about devoting the rest of their lives to one another.  Nor did most people in Colorado have an idea of what a celebrant does or how much time they put into it and therefore, should be paid.  But, I was glad I took the course, because I did learn, and that’s always a good thing for me.

Now what?  In my heart of hearts, I wanted to travel. I wanted to keep teaching yoga.  I wanted to create wonderful communities. I wanted to facilitate transformation.  And, well, change the world a little or at least see it and show parts of it to other people, too. I wanted to follow my heart but also make a living, of course. 

Then, an idea was born. It had actually been gestating for a while, maybe even a few years, but only as a faraway dream. Yoga retreats, around the world. I decided that I wanted to utilize as many of my best skills as possible (even if they didn’t SEEM employable) and make it happen. Maybe I could even use my celebrant training? 

When I came home from a retreat, I told my students what a great experience I’d had, shared a little of my vision and asked how many of them would go with me on MY retreat the next year.  I needed to make a downpayment and had no idea if it would pay off. 15 people came forward with a non-refundable deposit within 2 days.  By the time the retreat took place, that number doubled.  It was, as yet, the largest retreat I’ve held. I will forever be grateful to those adventurers who trusted me with their time and money, to participate in something I’d never done, and go somewhere they’d never been.  

Following that first retreat, I KNEW I’d found my calling and was being guided down a path that I cherish.  It was only then that I officially started my business, chose a name, got a website, and I include wedding ceremonies!

My Freedom Journey grows and changes continuously, but it will never end. The end is nothing.  The journey is everything.

10 thoughts on “How it Started

    1. Hiya! I was just thinking about you as I went to a wedding last week, with Liz Sunderland. She and Pete’s house was where the notable party took place, where V and I met, and Mike O. also attended. Now Liz is no longer of the Liz and Pete variety, but the Liz and Angela variety 🙂
      How are you?
      Later Tater!

  1. It’s wonderful to read a story of a single woman who is making it on her own, following her bliss, and being successful at it. Cudo’s to you and am so happy for you.
    Someday I would like to go on a retreat with you.

    1. Marsha…I’m so new to blogging I didn’t even know there were messages here! Thank you so much for responding. I never knew you were interested in a retreat and am happy to hear that. Your husband goes with you on these kinds of things,right? You’re both welcome…bring friends, family…! Costa Rica is up next, then Tobago! I have early bird discounts…Tobago is a great deal for a couple in the studio….very affordable.
      Where have your recent travels been?

  2. Hi Sabre,

    This piece is beautifully written. You are such an inspiration!

    I’m hearing the beckoning of yoga teacher training, and while I heal my own injuries, I understand the importance of proper form in poses. I’m feeling as though I could teach yoga as rehab.

    Your March retreat in Costa Rica could be a goal. Sounds so wonderful!

    All the best to you, old chum!



    1. You’d be great at rehab yoga, Christy. Follow your bliss. With whom would you study?
      I would VERY much love to have you join us in Costa Rica. Early bird discount ends Sept. 1, so maybe if you commit, you’ll be more likely to make it happen?
      Is EPHS having a reunion? Ours is Aug 8 weekend, and I’m going. Need to see my parents anyway. I feel like I’d recognize more people at yours than at mine!
      Love to you, Sabr

  3. Hi Sabré!
    Just read your blog, and liked it.
    You?re a very good writer. It felt like you were talking to me, the reader.
    Great story to share and encourage people to get out and try actions outside of their comfort zone.
    Looking forward to reading the upcoming ones.

    1. Hi Gil…this is all new to me and I didn’t even know I had comments here, so I just now am reading. Thank you for your words…apparently I did encourage an old friend who is now in Australia, to have the courage to move on with her life as she’s made the difficult decision to divorce her husband (who I also know). I hadn’t heard from her in 10 years. Feels good to know the blog helped someone. I’m not sure where this message will go?

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