I’ve been reading a lot of great sayings and quotes on Facebook lately.  Most of those attracting my attention have to do with relationships and letting go of people in your life who are toxic, and how when the wrong people are gone, the right things start to happen.  What exactly is a toxic relationship?  Are people actually toxic?  No, I mean, barring being subjected to copious amounts of radiation, they get along out there in the world, with other people. They have jobs.  They have kids, and even friends.  So, what exactly constitutes toxic and why? And to whom are they toxic?  

 And what about them is wrong??  I don’t really believe that there are wrong people in our lives.  I believe we are all here, in each others’ lives, for a reason.  Maybe we get to know what that reason is right away, but more often not.  More often we can’t figure out at first, why we are attracted to this or that person? Especially when we realize that we need to not be hanging out with said person.  

What IF, though, we looked at every single person as a gift?  What if we acknowledge that we’ve chosen to be on this earth plane, in the world of form, to further our evolution, and that these people, all of our peeps throughout our lives, are a valuable part of our journey?  What if we simply paid attention to how we feel when we are with people and trusted our feelings, and chose to stay or go, now or later? What if there were no judgment about them?  And we also didn’t judge ourselves for our choices?  

Just asking.

4 thoughts on “Relationships

    1. How lovely to hear from you somewhere besides WWF…lol. Thanks for reading my posts. I know you like to write, too. It’s been good getting these going. I’m excited about the next one (and two, once I write it). Stay tuned, tunefulady!

  1. Interesting topic for all to consider, no matter how insulated we may feel from toxic relationships. When dealing with these, the proximity to one’s inner circle by that “toxic” person (TP) and how interdependent we are with said individual are of weighted concern. If we can essentially ignore the toxicity as irrelevant, what a luxury that is !! As any luxury though, it isn’t universally available. If that person is in the unavoidable inner circle, certain coping techniques must be employed. Which ones work are the substance of endless bias; what works for me is different from others and what works for dealing with one TP invariably will be different from how to deal with the other. So, this topic open a can of worms for endless discussion…no real universal resolution though. Good luck !!

    1. Thanks for sharing your insight on this, Bob. Agreed, no one right answer. I guess I’ve just decided that all relationships (long/short, inner/outer circle) can hold lessons and meaning for us. It’s just up to us to decide what to make it mean for ourselves…for me, ‘toxic’ sounds judgmental, so I’ve decided not to label people that way, just learn and go on with life, whether they are in it or not.
      Most of these posts were written a while back, fyi. So I don’t have any current issues with this topic….gratefully.

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